SVdP Helps Homeless Family Make a Comeback

By Ijenti Inc

Just recently, St Anne Conference was able to help an unemployed family regain a level of stability and self sufficiency. From the point of not even having the money for a cheap motel, the family returned to full employment and the restoration of a LPN nursing license. All because Vincentians were available to listen and help.

Mary, a former practicing nurse, came to St. Vincent de Paul asking for help for another week’s stay in a cheap, local motel. During the initial conversations it was learned that the family of three, (husband, wife and 9 year-old son) had alternated between living in the car and a motel since they were evicted from their apartment two months ago.

The rest of the family’s story was more interesting. Both parents were waiting to be hired by a major warehouse in the area, but it could take a few more weeks. Mary was an LPN but she had let her nursing license expire months ago as she didn’t have the money for the continuing education credits or the renewal fee. It became apparent that the family was close to regaining some level of stability if they had some creative and sustaining support. Unfortunately, Mary found no governmental or private agency to assist them.

St. Anne Conference, through a grant from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, had established “Project Together” which was intended to help selected families that were close to being able to change their situation . . . if they had someone to “walk along” with them.

St. Anne Conference began by paying for the required nursing home study course, which Mary passed, and then, paid her licensing fee which restored her LPN status. She immediately began soliciting for positions. The Conference helped the family with four weeks stay at the motel, gift cards for food, occasional cash for gasoline, and the human factor… compassion, understanding, and prayer.

The outcome appears very bright. Both parents began working in the warehouse and have been able to cover their own living expenses while starting to save toward a new apartment. Mary is in line for a permanent nursing position in her specialty while the husband intends to stay at the warehouse as the salary and benefits are attractive. The son has been able to remain in his regular school.

A scenario such as this is the exception. Many are not ready for change, many find it difficult to make the changes necessary, or they have lost hope. But, without “Project Together” and funding to maintain it, Mary and her family may not have had the opportunity “regroup’ as they did.

If you are able, use this site to contribute to St. Anne Conference to help all families that appear at our door, especially the Mary’s who are able to rise from the ashes.