Reunites Homeless Man with Estranged Family March 2016

By MarisaCasado

Most instances where St. Anne Conference helps an individual or family, the effects are more temporary… usually helping to get them past some financial squeeze. Once in awhile, though, the effect can be a chance to alter someone’s life.

That was the case with Alejandro, a 38 year-old homeless man, who was seen recently on the church property most mornings. He spoke no English and seemed a bit challenged. A curious member of our Conference befriended him and asked about him and what had happened to his family. He explained that he’s been the victim of abuse and robbery by the other homeless and now stays near the church for protection. He has been estranged from his family for a few years now, but remembers having an uncle in Illinois. His identification and all his personal papers had been stolen, but after a number of hours and some phone calls, our Vincentian believed she had found the uncle. Contact was finally made, but the uncle was leaving on a trip for several weeks and couldn’t take the nephew in, however there was a sister in Las Vegas!

Another day passes in locating and speaking to the sister. She became very emotional on the phone, breaking down and crying as she explained that they haven’t been in touch for more than three years following a family argument. She and her husband have a house and happily agreed to take him in, if we could help get him to Las Vegas.

St. Anne Conference purchased a Greyhound ticket for $ 260.00, brought him to the local terminal, and alerted Greyhound that he needed guidance along the route when changing buses. After a three day bus ride, Alejandro arrived in Vegas and was reunited with his family.

It is our belief that he was given another chance and with the support of his family, he might become self sufficient again. Helping the needy has been St. Vincent de Paul’s mission for more than 180 years… if you can, help us help them.

Thank you