1. Who is eligible to be an individual fundraiser? Anyone 18 years of age or older who would like to help the Society of St. Vincent de Paul raise funds for its causes is welcome and encouraged as an individual fundraiser. There are no fees. Proceed to register, set a goal, and use the social links next to your name to invite family and friends to donate to help you meet your goal.
  2. Do I need to be part of a team? No. You can participate as an individual fundraiser without joining a team.
  3. Can I establish a team? If so, how? Yes. As part of the registration process you can decide to join an existing team, establish a new team, or neither. There is no fee or requirement for team membership. We only ask that if you create a team that you invite family, friends, and associates to register and join your team to help raise funds for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
  4. Are there any fees to be an individual fundraiser or to establish a team? No. There are no fees. We only ask that you set a goal and invite others to donate to help you and your team, if applicable, to meet your goal.
  5. Are individual fundraisers and teams recognized in some way if they meet their goal? Each local St. Vincent de Paul council/conference will decide whether they will recognize individuals and teams that develop donations and the manner of recognition. Such information is not yet determined for the council/conference represented by this website.
  6. How do we make a donation through this website? See the “Donate” or “How to Donate” menu.
  7. Is the website secure for making online credit card or ACH (e-check) donations? – – Yes, the website incorporates an SSL certificate to encrypt data moving over the Internet.
  8. What forms of payment are accepted for donations? – – You can make a donation using credit card, ACH (e-check), or PayPal. The credit cards accepted are American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.
  9. If I donate and later change my mind, can I get a refund? – – Sorry, donations are not refundable.
  10. Are donations made through this website tax deductible? Yes and No. St. Vincent de Paul is a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization. So generally donations made without receipt of a reward are tax deductible. Donations made when a reward is provided typically are not tax deductible. You need to assess whether the value of the reward is worth giving up the ability to deduct your donation. For most persons, especially those who do not itemize deductions on their tax return, deductibility is not an issue and it is best to take advantage of the reward.


  1. Who do I contact to learn about sponsorships? – – Ijenti, Inc. is the organization to contact regarding sponsorships on this website. See the Contact Us page for their contact information.
  2. How will my business benefit from advertising on this site? – – Sponsors win new customers and develop more business from existing customers by informing contacts of their ad/sponsorship and requesting them to use the social links to inform family & friends. Sponsors may offer discount coupons to serve as “rewards” to persons that donate to the charity through their campaign. Coupons stimulate donations and help to win new customers as they are redeemed for your services.
  3. How many people will see my ad? – – This website is serviced by Ijenti, Inc., a digital marketing agency with substantial experience marketing websites and campaigns. They make use of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, adwords, blog posts, social posts, and other website marketing processes to get visitors to the site. Visitors will also be drawn to this website by each of the sponsors that inform contacts of their campaign to support the charity. People will also learn of your ad from the posts to social platforms as people are more likely to inform family and friends of activities that support a charity. So while it is difficult to predict how many people will see your ad, it will likely be one to two thousand over the course of the six month term of your ad/campaign. At a cost of less than $2.50/day, few other advertising processes will be as cost effective.