UV Arm Protectors

UV Arm Protectors™ are arm covers, also known as arm sleeves, to cover your arms when wearing short sleeve shirts or blouses. They help protect against the damaging rays of the sun with a UV rating of UPF 50+. Donate just $5.00 and receive a $10 coupon toward the purchase of UV Arm Protectors.

They are Great for…

. . . golf, biking, tennis, baseball, jogging, driving, and other activities where you want to protect your arms from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping cool, comfortable, and flexible, with a portable solution.

UV Protection

UV Arm Protectors provide comfort on hot sunny days by cooling your arms. But the principal reason for wearing them is for your health. They are rated up to UPF 50+ providing protection against the sun’s harmful rays that may otherwise lead to sun burn and skin cancer. Sun block lotion does not always provide total protection. Protect your health and keep your arms cool at the same time with UV Arm Protectors.

Superior Fabric

UV Arm Protectors are made with a high quality fabric mix containing 90% polyester 75D/144F and 10% spandex. The result is a superior flexible fabric with a soft feel for added comfort. The fabric is a Quick-Dry fabric rated UPF 50+. Not all arm sleeves provide UV protection and few, if any, are known to include the same high-quality soft fabric of UV Arm Protectors.

Visit our website at: www.uvarm.com


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