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The mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is to serve the poor and needy in local communities.  The Society was formed in 1833 by a small group of college students at the Sorbonne University in Paris.  Today, there are more than 500,000 Vincentians in over 140 countries… all the result of a handful of 20 years olds.Frederic Ozanam

The basic unit of the Society is the Conference, or chapter, which works at the local community levels in serving the marginalized, the homeless and struggling families.

St. Anne Conference serves a portion of South Hillsborough County which encompasses the communities of Gibsonton, Apollo Beach and Ruskin.  The 2010 census figures estimate 47,714 people in our area, but over the past four years a steady influx has swelled that number to well over 50,000.  The demographics would be lower working-class laborers, struggling middle-class, agricultural workers with many being undocumented, and retirees at various levels of income.  Statistics for Florida show that more than half of all jobs pay less than $ 15.00 per hour, and that a significant percentage of Floridians are just one car problem or medical emergency away from poverty.  These two statements are very representative of the clients St. Anne Conference serves.  One small bump in the road, and the wheels come off.  Consider how traumatic it is to be evicted or to have your water and electricity turned off, especially for small children who can’t comprehend the reasons.

In 2014, our Conference disbursed $47,313.00 (+12.5% vs. FY’13) in assistance with about 80% directed toward rent and utilities.  Our members touched 328 families or individuals and offered varied levels of monetary aid to 285 families (726 people).  This represented a slight increase over the past three year averages.

A primary focus of St. Anne Conference is the stability of the family unit, and in trying to help keep them in place.  Frequently the aid is temporary in nature and the intent is to address a sudden circumstance or unexpected expense that has impacted their budget.  In special cases, the approach is more long term and conference members will partner with a family for a period of six months or more to help them change their situation and attain a more stable financial position.

If you become aware of a family or individual, who resides within our area and is in need of temporary assistance, please inform them of our contact information.  Everyone visiting us is treated with compassion and respect.  All information is kept confidential.  All decisions are made without consideration of race, creed or background.

Address:                      106 11th Avenue NE, Ruskin FL 33570
Telephone:                   Office- 813 645-0304   Cell- 813 410-6426
Email:                          stannesvdp@gmail.com
Office Hours:              Tues-Wed-Thurs;  9 a.m. x Noon